Where can I see all my conversations?

I’ve been hoping for a while that LingQ will get the functionality to see all my conversations in one place, the ones I host plus the ones I join as a student. Now it seems we have:

on the old tutor page: conversations I host only
on the home page: all conversations, starting from tomorrow
on the Russian Lessons: speak page: all Russian and English (what about other languages?) conversations, starting from tomorrow
on the schedule page, conversations I host only.

Is this deliberate?


I only refer to the My Conversations list on the Speak page,and in the Home page. I find the new list very convenient. I believe there are still a few issues to iron out.

The idea now is that all conversations in the currently selected language as well as all hosted conversations appear in the list on the Speak page and on the Home page. I believe this is working correctly.

It’s working correctly except that the lists on the Speak and Home Page don’t show the most imminent conversations - which are the ones I am usually most concerned about.

Do you mean your hosted conversations disappear before they happen? I know there is an issue with conversations disappearing from the list too soon after they are complete but I am not aware that they disappear before the events begin.

Hi Mark, just to let you know the same thing has just happened to me. I had a conversation just a second ago and about five minutes before the time it was due to start, it vanished and I can’t find it anywhere to send the report. Can you think what might have caused it or where it might be?

This is happening to me too. My discussion times are disappearing before I can send the conversation reports.

This is a known issue and is on the list of things to fix asap.

We’ve just fixed this issue. Events should be showing from the last 3 days so you can access those missing reports. Let us know if there are still issues here.

Right…on my tutor page for today are: a group conversation at 6pm and a one-on-one at 7:30. Neither appear on the Conversations page.

I’ll send LingQ support screen grabs if I can remember how to do them :wink:

The problem is still persisting for me too. I’ve only lost one conversation so far, but it hasn’t reappeared yet.

Oh no. If I don’t import discussion reports I loose them?

Yes, Daniel. But I think, if you have e-mails from LingQ with a direct link to conversation report, perhaps, it works. But I am not sure. At least you can see the last conversation and writing repots at the main “Welcome” page.

Your recent reports should be in the Tutor Reports list on the Home page.

It looks like we still have some wrinkles to iron out. We will get those events to show.