Where are my new lessons going?

Several times I have tried to create a private lesson. I put in the title, the text, a picture, the language, the level, the private course I’ve created, and the original URL. Then I click “save and generate lesson.” I get a pop-up saying my lesson was successfully saved. Then poof! It’s gone! It’s not in the course I saved it in, nor is it findable by searching lessons by most recently created. Please note: I have tried both manually creating the lesson within Lingq, and by using the extension to import the article from the article URL. Help!! I am wasting my precious free time trying this over and over again, and it is very frustrating.

All your imports should be under the Continue Studying shelf. If you click on "View All’ then change the view from Courses > Lessons and sort by Newly Imported, can you see your imported lesson there on the top?

No, I don’t see it there.

If you still have this problem, please reach us on support(at)lingq.com and we will assist. I’ll need some additional information from you. Thanks.

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As of yesterday, I was back to importing without any problem. Thanks!

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