When to graduate to Intermediate?

My Known word count is about 370 right now and the beginner content seems comfortable at this point. At what word count should I start to think about trying out the intermediate content? At 1000 words?


Hello, Dean. Well, what works for me in this case is try to go forward on the level you think you are and if it is too difficult, you could return one level.
Ex.: If you are not sure if you may go to intermediate yet, try it. So, you will see how hard it is for you. If you are not really ready yet, you can go back to beginner and do some more frases and listening more and more.
Holp I helped you. I’m not as good as I want to be in expressing myself in english


Thanks. I think I’ll wait till I’m between 500 and 1000 words known. I really don’t like looking up too many words in one lesson. It’s too tiresome, it’s not fun at all, and the user hints often are not satisfactory. So I have to look it up on my own. There are still plenty of words I need to learn. I just discovered the “Angry Family ESP” channel on youtube. It’s really funny and give alot of new vocabulary. Have you seen it yet?


What’s important in my experience is to avoid frustration (lessons are too hard) or boredom (lessons are too easy) and to be able to tell the difference between them. As long as you look forward to your next lingQ session, you are learning well.