When I transfer a lesson from one course to another course it recreates multiple courses under the same name

I moved multiple lessons from a different course name to my “Youtube” course. LingQ ended up making a bunch of courses called “Youtube” instead of combining them all together.

Thanks for reporting, our team will look into it.

Hi Mark,

Any other details you could provide us with? Lessons I move between courses work correctly for me. I can make a course called Youtube and then add various lessons into it.


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In the beginning go of the video there are 11 “YouTube” courses. after moving lessons from the “wikipedia” folder to the Youtube folder at the end of the video there are now 12 Youtube folders. Am I transfering lessons the wrong way?

It looks like you are 1) Starting in the Edit Course page of the Wikipedia course 2) Going to the Edit Lesson page for one of the lessons in that Wikipedia Course 3) Going back to the Edit Course page for the Wikipedia course (the same page you were in in step 1) 4) Changing the name of the Wikipedia course to Youtube, which then of course creates another course with that title since you just changed the name of the course! Let me know if I misunderstood something. The correct way to transfer lessons to another course is to select ‘Change Course’ instead of ‘Edit Course’.

Yeah you are right. Okay now i’m trying to do what you said.
“select ‘Change Course’ instead of ‘Edit Course’.”
It’s still not doing anything. The lessons isn’t moving over to a different course. I got to the lesson I want to move over. I click “Change Course” and then I click on the course I want it to be moved to, but still nothing happens.


In this video I have 2 different courses named “Blogs” Im trying to combine them into one by doing what you said, and its not working. Am I doing it wrong?

Hi Mark,

It looks like you haven’t actually created a lesson yet in that latest video. That means there is no lesson yet to transfer to a different course. You would need to first 1) Create a lesson (click save + generate lesson) and then 2) change the course of the lesson.

It worked! Thank You!