When do you want to talk and what do you want to talk about?

For those who are Basic, Plus or Premium members, I am setting up my schedule for discussions via Skype. Please let me know which subjects are of interest to you and which times (give your time zone) work best for you.

I live in İstanbul.I want to talk at 21 pm- 22pm

Please note that you must have points in your account before you can participate in discussions on LingQ. You can either purchase points or upgrade your membership level by clicking on the Account link located in the top right corner of the page after you log in to your account.

Good point Jill,

Giant, if you wish to join a discussion with me or any other tutor you need to purchase points.

I was incorrect in saying that you needed to be a Basic, Plus or Premium member to join a discussion. In fact, you just need to purchase points.

However, points are half price for those categories so it is worthwhile upgrading if you wish to speak or access our tutors for writing, to get tutor reports, to ask questions of tutors etc.

I really wanted to join your event “Public Speaking with Steve” today. I was really glad when I found your session at an unusual time such as 2pm at Japan time. (Normally yours are set while I am deeply asleep…)
But unluckily, I need to go and pick up my son at kindergarten at 2pm today. I could not manage to find someone to pick him up for me. I wish it were an hour early or later…
Since I am busy with my two kids and events occurs so irregularly, I cannot suggest any particular time here. I just wanted to tell you that I am still looking forward to joining your session and I will keep an eye on the event schedule to find one available for me.


I will try to set some up around 1 pm Japan time. Is that good for you?

Thank you, Steve. 1pm Japan time is just great for me!