When do you mark a word as known?

When does everyone mark words as known? I am going through Ukrainian, Belarusian, and Polish now. And there are words I instantly recognize thanks to studying Russian for quite some time. I have just been creating LingQs for these words because they may have a slightly different spelling. In this case, would it be appropriate to mark them as known instead of creating a LingQ for them? Thanks

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The way I go about it (for Japanese) is that when I encounter a word in a sentence, if I know how to pronounce it and what it means in that specific context, then I mark it as known.

If for some reason I encounter it again later and can’t recall the meaning or whatnot, I just move it back to yellow.

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Ditto. I also find that words are usually in the first yellow state for a while, then almost always jump to known. I find few opportunities to mark anything a 2 or a 3.

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@NickHoyt- that’s how I’m thinking I may start doing it.

@scgrant- I also dont use the 2 or 3 number functions.

An example of what I am running into now.

In Russian the word for library is библиотека, in Belarusian it is бібліятэка. While I instantly know what this word is, I could not write it off the top of my head. So is the word actually known?

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Yes. If I took off points for spelling, I would cut the known words by 50%. Which would be okay if that’s the standard I want to work against. Even in English I have to use the spell-checker.