When do I get notified over my librarian application?

I submitted my application to become a librarian in English a week or so ago.

I still haven’t heard anything from the team.

What’s the normal timeline?

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I have submitted application for Japanese librarian and had similar questions.
It would be nice to have some positive feedback from the team or the community.

It took at least two weeks for me from the time I submitted my application until I got the official invite. I don’t have a record of when I applied, so I can’t say exactly how long it took. This was back in January.

I don’t have any insight into the process other than that, unfortunately. But I do see new librarians every few days come onto the Slack channel where we congregate. There’s probably a backlog that they’re working through.


Yep. They got to me today.

An automated “we got your application” email would be nice.

We’ve been responding to all applications, I apologize for some delays over the long weekend. Everyone who has recently applied should have a response from me in their inbox.

Thank you for your patience, we did indeed have a sudden increase in applications recently.