When do i get my corrected writing back?

i sent my writing off about three or four days ago but haven’t received anything back despite the ‘48 hours’ guarantee. am i missing the alert for it somewhere? is there something extra i didn’t do?

When you submit writing, your personal tutor receives notification (if you have Japanese personal tutor and submit Japanese writing. If you submit German writing and have Japanese personal tutor, nobody receives notification).
You are studying several languages here at LingQ. So, there is a probability that you sent writing in the language where you have not a personal tutor.

Btw, when I receive writing on Saturday or Sunday, I don’t return writing in 48 hours, as I am sure that on LingQ I have 5/7 working week :slight_smile:

Oops, I did not finished my thoughts…

So, when you submit writing at the language where you don’t have a personal tutor, it is better to write on the wall of a tutor. I am studying 3 languages, and have a personal tutor in every of this language, but I can’t choose them all as my personal tutors. So, when I submit English writing, I write on the wall of my English tutor. When I submit Japanese writing – on the wall of Japanese tutor.

It is supposed that tutors have to check list of new submissions every day, but we are also humans, and forget to do this :wink:

I have alerted our Japanese tutors to follow up. It should be done soon. Sorry about that. As Rasana said, no tutor was alerted because you have a German tutor as your personal tutor. We will be adding the ability to pick your corrector in the near future.

thanks guys for all the advice and help! ^-^