Whatsapp group for english speaking and friendship

Heres a friendly group as well

Group Description

Amigos is a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds, beliefs and tenets on how to go about day to day life. However, to fit in a group we must be ready to learn to accommodate, tolerate and even adapt to new ways of communication for the smooth interaction with each member.

Many topics can be discussed, they range from poetry, philosophy, life, science, photography, and all that life’s entails

Rules and Regulations of Amigos Group.

  1. Don’t post group links.
  2. No sharing of pornographic material.
  3. Don’t use abusive language whatsoever.
  4. No religious discussions, in the case that it solely breeds intolerance and utter prejudice.
  5. The main language to be used is ENGLISH.

NB: Those who will not adhere to the aforementioned rules will be dealt swiftly.