WhatsApp group for B2 to C1 English Level - Upper-Intermediate And Advanced Students

Hey Guys, we have an excellent WhatsApp group for B2 to C1 English Level.

Prohibited: Beginners and Low Intermediate English Level.
This group is suitable only for: Upper-Intermediate English Level and Advanced English Level.

This group aims for the improvement of your Output Skills: writing and speaking.
But we share materials and deal with activities that will make your Input Skills outstanding.

You can talk about a wide variety of subjects, and have lots of fun improving your English in a natural way.
We are always talking about ordinary things, but we have moments where we take it seriously to put our hands on to create the English we want to achieve: we engage in debates and activities related to work, university and everything about life and social abilities.

We also can talk about TOEFL and IELTS preparation, when this topic is brought by someone.

Group’s Link: WhatsApp Group Invite