What's your motivation?

We all have reasons for learning another language, and I’m sure that we all have days that we just can’t bring ourselves to study a new tongue.

I would like to live in Germany someday and that is keeping me motivated, I would also like to read a book that I know was written in German. I also think that being bi-lingual/multilingual ads a competitive edge in job searches.

What are your reasons for learning a new language?

My motivation to start with English learning was, that I have family members in the US and would like have better contact with them. When they visited us, my son and daughter could speak with them and I could not.

In the meantime I have really fun with and the motivation is more to have contact with many people and members here from other countries and to be able to speak with them.

The next point: language learning can be a training for the brain :slight_smile:

Thanks for the post Irene! I have over 25 words memorized now!

i am trying to learn English because my job needs that can converse well by English , and i live in country of tourism

That is great rose and one day I hope to visit Egypt and learn about it history and culture.

Hi all,
for me an important point here is, to have the possibility for speaking with native speaking tutors.
Some students will be a little shy to do it the first time - for me it was the same.
But the tutors help to overcome very fast :wink: and then it is the best time each week for having help AND fun.

You have no topic? Speak about your motivation for learning, speak about your hobbies or about the content you have read, speak about the problems you have, speak about journeys you did or you will do.

In the vocabulary section, when I save words that are not clear, they get a tag with “tutor” and when I have a conversation I have all these words filtered and can ask my tutor what it means and how to use.

Hi there!

My motivation for learning Russian is that I want to communicate with Russian-speaking people. Yesterday I met with two friends, one Russian and one Kazakh woman from the childrens’ playgroup with their little boys and hey!
I can understand Russian like a native speaker - if the native speaker is about one and a half years old :wink:
But in anyway it’s a motivation booster and even little Damian learned how to say “pa-idiom” (let’s go) after some time. (I’m not going to try to write this in Russian letters.)

Hey guys I’m glad to hear that your all motivated to learn other languages! A question for Staphl: Do you like learning Russian? I have some friends that were brought over from Russia to be adopted when they were very young and there adoptive parents felt it was important that they all learn to speak Russian and I would love to be able to speak with them in their native tongue!

Yes, I like learning it. But unfortunately my progress is very slow - with a baby I just don’t find a lot of time for reading, so I don’t know the spelling as well as I’d like to.

One of my goal is visiting Germany.My father studied in Germany when he was in college for two years.He always tell me stories about how Germans are so polite towards him,what a nice structures there.I am impressed by him talking.I have been learning English too.But i have been taken courses my tutors in my college.Actually my native language is Turkish.If i learn German and English very well.I will try to learn Japan:)

Hi Ipek, I think here are the best possibilities to reach your goal :slight_smile:
Write in the forum when you need help :slight_smile:

I have german heritage and was also born in Germany. So, I have always been fascinated with german language and culture. I have always wanted to learn the language. I have tried many different tools to learn german and have found Lingq about a week ago. And, at least at the moment, I find it to be very helpful in learning a new language. When I go to college, I hope that I could expand my german learning, maybe even study abroad in Germany.

Hi wsemenske, welcome here.
It is always nice to see new members in the forum. Writing here can also train your learning i.e. look at our Chat in the German part.
It would be nice to see some information about you in your profil - at first your real first name :slight_smile:
Have fun - Irene

Hi friends,

I started learning English because I loved British and American Rock music. Of course I wanted to know what did they sing, but in fact, I wanted to speak same language as what they speak. I dreamed that I could meet them and talk with them in some day. That was adolescent-girly unreal and stupid dream, but you can’t imagine how it makes me motivated to study English!

Now I study English because I would like to communicate with the people of all over the world. Knowing English is opened many possibilities both professionally and personally. It is very interesting to know not only the language but also their culture and their point of view, and cheer up your life.

I heard one day from the possibility to learn with songs. Only the text often isn’t really correct of cause the rhyme and to be suitable to the melody.
In this way it is interesting to be able to understand more and more the text, but for me it was not helpful for learning.
LingQ was really helpful and since I am here,I have really fun with learning and to be in contact with other learners.

The forum here is a very good possibility to communicate too.
Have fun!

Hi Irene,

That’s true, lyric of the songs often isn’t really correct. I agree with you, it isn’t good idea to study language with songs.
In my case, English songs just turn me on to studying English. But it happened long long time ago.

Yasuko, I’m glad you’ve found a reason to study English and I hope you enjoy it. Have you listened to the American group Blue October? I don’t know if that’s your type of music but I like it and thought maybe you would too.

I haven’t listened to Blue October. I’ll check it out. Later I’ll tell you if I like them or not.
My favorite group is Cheap Trick. They from Illinois, so may be you have listened to their music.

My motivation stems from the desire to communicate with certain people.

Hi everybody!! I am from Russia, but now I live in Canada. I am learning English for my professional development. My special point of interest in English is speaking. I need to improve my speaking skills. I would like to be understood by native speakers from the first time! Usually I am always asked to repeat!!!((((