What's Your Main Reason for Using lingQ?

Hey everyone,

I was just wondering what your guys’ main reasons were for using LingQ over other language learning courses or methods.

For me it’s how much time you save reading books in another language. I would always give up when I tried to read a book in Japanese about a year ago because it would take hours looking up new words to just get through a couple of pages.

With LingQ, it takes mere seconds per new word, which allows me to stay focused on reading rather than looking things up.



I LOVE reading there are many different books such as classics like Tales of two cities, hard boiled spy novels (John le Carré, Frederick Forsight, Forsi, Forsyth (excuse my bad pun based on difficulty of pronouncing name) Spy novels, Novels that I haven’t read before but my lack of English has made it difficult to truly aspirate the novel to the utmost extent possible. Same goes for reading French classics (I have a sweet spot for French authors), Italian, German/etc.

I am someone who is loyal to people or services that I like and have helped me in times of difficulty within legal bounds. It sounds like a clique but language learning has helped me become the person I am and drag me through some difficult times, the lingq community is a huge factor of that.

This may sound pretentious but while I would have done well without discovering lingq in my linguistic endeavours, I do think that finding lingq has encourage me to embrace linguistics thanks to some of the members (I won’t name them since I don’t know if they won’t be Okay with having there name achieve internet cult fame), suffice to say they include people who study many completely different languages, dedicated teachers (both professional and native language speakers) and many more.

One great example is Johann Cruyff (a person whose achievements I strife to emulate in my own fields), he would have had great career no mater what team he played for or coached). But I think what made him almost immortal is that he played for a team that embraced his personality and he would go on and imbue that mentality to Barcelona.
For anyone who wonders what the hell I am on about, I would advise to read the book My revolution a autobiography by Johann Cruyff.

I am sign up to Readlang (a dumbed down version of Lingq) and doulingual. Actually I sign up to day to Dou and Readlang about a year ago thanks to the recommendation of a ling member. Neither of them have a community like lingq. I can’t say to much about Dou but I was not even allowed to use my username because of character restrictions. It may sound like a pet peeve and it is a minor detail but my username carries lots of symbolism.


Because I’m lazy and because I love reading. Lingq’s mechanism makes the reading easy, which satisfies the lazy. I love how it assists reading of whatever I want, and am thoroughly satisfied with how far I’ve come with my language by doing that.

By the way, I also enjoy the community in these forums. I check them out regularly even when I’m not currently involved with reading on Lingq.


I like LingQ for the following reasons:

  1. The obvious, which you started the thread with. It saves time, it saves your words, the highlights remind you that you have encountered the word, you get to see it in context, and it tracks your progress.

  2. It is a method that can be used at just about every level of learning. I’m still skeptical about total beginners with zero background , but they can in theory somewhat use it. Even more impressive is that it shines most for intermediate and advanced users. Because of this, I believe it is the only program/course/packaged “method” that can take you all the way to fluency.

  3. The forum/community aspect of LingQ is very good and even though I might disappear for weeks on end if I get busy with other life stuff, I always return and pick up right where I left off.

  4. Master Steve uses it. 5) Backing up what SFG just said, I too think I could have succeeded if never encountered LingQ, but I don’t know if I WOULD have. For that reason alone, but especially all of them taken together, I will continue to be a missionary for this site until it ceases to exist in its present form—or I do. 


When I first jumped on LingQ I was 16 years old, and I was trying to learn Hebrew on here. I knew nothing about the import feature, and I knew nothing about language learning at all. And Hebrew was super buggy and had so many problems. So I ended up only using the site for a short time.

However I continued to watched Steve’s videos on youtube. For years I listened to him, and how He likes learning Languages. So I decided to give it another go. And I am so glad I did. There really is no other site like this one. Im a numbers guy, so I love being able to see a number representing how much work I have put into a language, and how close I am to the next milestone. LingQ has been a huge help.

In fact I would say, I don’t know if I would be into languages at all, If it wasn’t for LingQ.


Same here, saves a lot of time when learning Japanese.

Congrats on 28,000 words in Japanese, Nick.


LingQ makes native content much more accessible which in turn lets me learn directly from the language itself at any level.


Honestly, because I love seeing my known words go up. After knowing a 1000 known words, it’s refreshingly motivating to get me to read more, which then leads me to another 1000 known words. I get that sense of achievement and motivation that makes me explore more of the language once I hit another 1000 known-words. I think without LingQ, my motivation would be pretty stagnant. LingQ, for me, is the holy grail of language learning.


Totally agree. It is far more efficient to read using LingQ.