What's the purpose of LingQ Tags?

Hello everyone!

I was reviewing yesterday my spanish vocabulary, and one question came across my mind: what’s the purpose of LingQ Tags?
What should I put into them?

Thank you, and happy 2010!

You can tag your vocab with grammar terms, numbers, colours, themes, whatever. Most people, I guess, are using grammar tags: adjective, conjunctions, verbs etc. As I am not a very conscientious learner, I tend to forget to tag things. Tagging does make life easier though if you want to review certain items.

Same here, I tag my items with adj, noun, verb, prep, adv etc.

I can search my Russian verbs on whether they are perfective or imperfective…at least I can if I have bothered to attach tags to them!

Here is a list of my tags:
abkürzung adj. adj_adv adv. also_too amer. anatomie anybody_nobody any_no be_going beruf brit. conj. conversation do_did do_does doing essen farbe few_less few_some foreign frage future gegenteil gesundheit good_well has_have have_did have_has hear_listen if_when intz intz. is_are kleidung konversation land less_little look_watch me_mine me_myself merkliste much_many n. ortsangabe past people_person pflanze phrase plural präposition pref. pron. prp prp. prp_at prp_fehler redewend. schottisch schreibarbeit slang sport sprichwort steigerung term terms that_this this_these tier tutor tutor_david umgspr. v. verwandte was_were which_who who would zeitangabe

I create tags for a lot of different purpose. You can add more than one tag to a LingQ.
Some tags are related to grammar, some tags are for special vocabulary, other tags for special problems (for example use of anybody or nobody), and the “tutor” tag is for questions to my tutor.

Thank you very much for your responses. I’m gonna tag all the LingQs I create from now on.

For your reference here are my tags. I end to tag in spurts. I will focus on certain things at certain times. I recently started tagging by endings then stopped doing that since I can search my vocabulary by endings without tagging. One problem with our tags is that we cannot edit our list of tags. Fixing this is on our list.

acc accusative accusative, adjective adverb body business case dative direction dlia feminine genitive instrumental learn masculine mood motion na neutral participle phrase plural po prepositional quantity say see speak switch take think time write y а и ии на ое ую ы ые ьи