What's the difference between paid lessons and the free ones?

Hello everyone
I have just recently started learning French here in lingq and I notice that under lessons there is a link for paid courses. What is the big difference between these courses and the free ones? I’m new so I find the free lessons great! Do I have to be a paid member in order to see any results on my learning skills? Or will I learn a good amount with just the free version? Please do reply if you know…


The paid courses involve a tutor. The free ones are just text and audio that you download and learn on your own using the flashcard tool.

Ok I see, I guess I’ll wait a bit and see how I do first with the free lessons and then decide If I need a paid tutor. Thanks dooo

Actually, the courses are really only a convenient way of finding lessons at your level and signing up for 4 conversations at the same time. It also gives some structure to your studying since you can discuss the selected lesson in your weekly writing and conversation. However, you can just as easily select your own lessons and sign up for conversations and submit writing when you like. In either case, the lessons are free but the writing and speaking do cost money since they require the services of a tutor. Writing and speaking cost the same whether they are part of a course or a la carte.