What's the coolest feature of LingQ?

Hi! I’d like to know what would be the coolest feature of LingQ in your opinion.

Mine is: Quick import. It saves time and it’s really easy to use.

Do you mean the Import Bookmarklet? I love that too, and the reading interface.

Yes I do, Diego :slight_smile:

Oh, it’s hard for me to say right now, Oscar. I’m kind of digging the whole scene.

Edit: I thought of something! I think that LingQ has the best language learning tools, so I love all features pertaining to this equally.

The feature I find most appealing in terms of community support is the “Gift of Rose and Points.” That we can virtually show our appreciation for someone is really beautiful. What’s more, that we can physically help someone out by giving a gift of points is just awesome!

My Favorite features at the moment are Import Page and Quick LingQ. Also Text to speech can be quite helpful sometimes. I also like the statistics we can see from all learners of all languages HOWEVER, I wish there were more statistics to look at!