What's the best way of remembering vocabulary?

I don’t want to spend all my time learning words by flashcards. It’s boring. Do you read a lot or use flashcards?

Do both.

I almost never get around to my flashcards on lingq, and I’ve never used any flashcard system outside of Lingq. Do both if you can, but I would place reading (both on and off Lingq) much higher on my priorities.

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If you listen and read enough you pick up the meanings of many words without spending all of your time testing yourself. One of the advantages of Lingq is that you can pick topics which you are familiar with so you know what words and concepts you expect to encounter. After you get past the early stages and you know 1000 plus words the learning gets easier.

thanks everyone for your advice :slight_smile:

I personally think that you should prioritise reading and listening. However, if the language is very different from your own I feel some time with flashcards pays dividends, particularly if content availability is limited.

When I get bored I play the burrito game (also known as lingo dingo). There is a free version - Spanish Words | Spanish Vocabulary and Nouns. Its also good for learning verbs - Spanish Verbs List | Spanish Verb Conjugation Chart.

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I posted a similar thread a few weeks ago - “Learning Words Just Through Reading” http://www.lingq.com/forum/46/17717

Some users chimed in with their strategies. I think skyblueteapot put it nicely:

“I don’t bother learning new words until I’ve encountered them at least 3 times in my reading. In fact I don’t bother learning words at all - just raise their status by one every time I encounter them and realise I know what they mean. That way you automatically learn words by frequency.”

So if you find flashcard study boring, don’t do it - keep reading instead. There are quite a few members here who make good progress in their learning without finding it necessary to review vocabulary.