What's on your mp3 player (besides language lessons)?

Thanks, Steve! Yes, I play the bass among other instruments.

Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier
Beethoven’s piano sonatas
Motorhead, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Crosby Stills & Nash, Django Reinhardt, Dire Straits, Dean Martin, Genesis (Gabriel era), Pink Floyd (not The Wall obviously).

Why not “The Wall” ??

Far too self-indulgent and it used to depress the hell out of me ! Nowadays I just can’t listen to it.

As I use my mp3 player just for languages, I didn’t pay much attention to this thread. This morning, however, I clicked ‘shuffle’ and something by a certain Ast A Moore started playing.

Thanks, astamoore, I still like your “33” .

I like to mix my language stuff such as Linguaphone and Assimil together with smooth jazz (taken down to 10 or 15% volume.) I find this makes for really great repeated background listening. Far from being any distraction, the music actually and helps me to assimilate the language content.

@SanneT: (blushing) Aw, you’re too kind. xoxoxo