Whats new in Lingq?

I’m Just curious, What improvements have been done to the Lingq System in the last 5-6 months? any new features , extra things , small improvements?

I’ve been away from lingq community for a while ( But I’ve kept my paying membership going just to support the website=p) And was just wondering. I could look around the forums but wanted to ask directly =).


I am also wondering about this. What improvements have been implemented after you dropped the Beta Language project (in its original form)?

Sorry guys, there hasn’t been much in the way of updates over the last 6 months. A few minor updates to the avatar, some bug fixes and continued performance upgrades. We are working on some exciting things, however, which will be coming down the pipe shortly. These improvements have taken a little longer than anticipated but should be worth the wait!

Ok, looking forward to seeing them!

We’re like Apple, we keep things top secret. :wink:

I hear there are some LingQ rumor sites out there… lingqrumors.com was it? I don’t remember…

Not that I want to lingq staff to work any harder BUT would it be possible ( at some point) to have a page ( created on the lingq website somewhere and not in the forums) that lists the work/improvements made to lingq with dates besides the entries and kept up to date every time you update something ( if an update is every 6 months than thats fine… that just means 2 entries per year listing the improvements/ updates/ bug fixes) ? As a paying member of lingq, I like to know / keep up with these kinds of updates. It’s not about checking if you guys are working hahah… I’m genuinly interested in updates/ improvements.

I know i can just keep up with lingq emails or look in the updates forums But i feel like thats soo unofficial / hard to find what i want to know specificially. Much like how many developpers post up updates about Current Sofware versions listing improvements ect…

Just a thought

Well, Honestly, I dont care for the secrecy of unreleased improvements or options from any company including lingq. Even as a paying member… AS far as I think, it’s really none of my business and I love surprises. I think the lingq folks do listen to its users and i trust their judgement for future updates/improvements. although, its nice to know whats in the works from time to. I dont think its lingq’s obligation to tell us.

HOWEVER, I would still like to have a page where i can check for whats been updated/added with the date of these improvements.

@keroro - In general, all updates are posted to the blog in the Updates category. I see that the last avatar update was not posted there but you should see most site updates here http://lingqcentral-en.lingq.com/tag/updates.

@imyrtshem - It’s not so much a matter of secrecy. It is more a matter of not wanting to promise anything we aren’t ready to deliver. Otherwise, we set ourselves up for more complaints about why promised functionality isn’t there. When we have functionality completed and ready to go, we announce it. That is how we have always operated and how we will continue to operate.

We understand and appreciate how keen you and many others are! We do listen and do try to address concerns of power users. Thanks for your support!


Ability to move the 1 to 4 rating box in the yellow lingq widget to the top

I have made a bookmarklet to modify the css to put the rating number boxes right directly under the selected word before the hint and example sentence. This saves a bit of mouse fatigue. The same client side changes are possible by modifying the default css of your browser. Not sure if I can paste here the code…

“…in the yellow lingq widget to the top or remove the sentence from that same?”

Do you mean the hint? Why do you want to hide it? It’s possible using the same css bookmarklet trick above.