What's happening with my 'basic plan'?

Yestarday I changed my current plan to ‘Basic’ and they withdrawed only 1 dollar,seconds ago they tried to withdraw 10 dollars,but on my CC I had less than 10 dollars,because of this 1 dollar.So now I can’t use Lingq.Could you hepl me?By the way,it’s happening second time with me

@couch_potato - There is not much we can do about that unfortunately. That is how our payment provider works. They try a $1 payment to validate your credit card and set up the recurring payment and then the payment is attempted after that. This part of the process is not under our control. Are you able to put $11 dollars on your card so this doesn’t happen? Sorry about this.

I can’t put 11$ for now.You have to inform you clients about this problem

I’m sorry couch_potato but there is nothing we can do about this. I wish our payment provider worked differently but it doesn’t. This is quite standard when setting up recurring payments to test whether a card is valid.

So,will it happen all the time with my CC or just one time when I payed for the first time?


@couch_potato - This only the happens the first time when you upgrade your account and your card is tested. The $1 charge is refunded right away although it may take a few days to come back on your card. After that, you are only charged $10 each month.

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