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Anybody know if there is a German WhatsApp group? And any other Whats App groups for each of the languages offered in Lingq. I used one once for Italian and was amazed at how quickly it helped… I achieved in a month what had taken 5 years with a book.

that sounds interesting, I’d love to join a German group as well

What happens in a lingq whatsapp group? I’m imagining that learners write and read each others mistake-filled messages. Or am I being overly cynical - I suppose I must be if you have found it so helpful.

I’d like to join a French group if there is one. If not perhaps we could start one?


I would love to have a German whatsapp group. One where we can practice conversation, and recieve corrections.

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I thought that there is no direct way to search through overall whatsapp to get the desired whatsapp group you want. But still try to this Softalien.co if there’s.

Does anyone know how to set one up…? I am happy to set it up…

Do I just use my phone number and publish it here…? and then others text me?

I want to join that group in whatsapp

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Please observe the rules, to have a safe environment together.
Here you go, u just need to follow this links and attention if the links revoked message me in telegram just search my ID:edris_b
Follow below links

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If it was full then join here

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English union : Telegram: Contact @english_union
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