What would you do if you have an arguement with parents?

Last weekend,I had an arguement with my mother.I think it was caused by her.I had my final exam at school at June 20th.Before the exam.she promised if I did well,she would buy me a mobile phone.I surely did well.So she told me she would go to the shops with me to buy it last weekend.Every day went by,and when the weekend came,I asked her if we could go in the afternoon.But she suddenly shouted at me and asked why I was hurried.She said I did nothing every day and I had never done any housework.So I was not qualified to have it.But I did a lot of housework when she was not at home indeed.I cried and thought if I must did housework when she was at home.Is it corret?I haven’t said anything to her these days.What should I do?

I think this could be an interesting topic Eleanor, and I think there is anything wrong in your relationship.
You should sit down with your mother and speak with her but keep calm.You should have to do an agreement what your tasks are in the household and what she want that you are doing. You have to bring your arguments if that will not be able for you and why.

When the tasks are clear you are able to see if you have done all or not. They will never be a contentious issue.
Crying is no solution, it is a sign of being wrong.

Bring the situation on a good way!
If you are interested to read a very good book, read “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” - it is the best what can help you in a living together.

We all in our family read this book and each coworker in my son’s company has to read it.
You are able to avoid of difficulties when you will follow the tips.

The life can be much easier, why not try it to do.

You study for yourself, not for your mother. If she wants to buy you a mobile phone she will, when she wants. I doubt if you crying will influence her. I suggest you stop feeling sorry for yourself and do some housework, not just to get a mobile phone, but because you live in the house and should do your share.

Kind regards to your mother.

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But I think everyone should be faithful.If she has promised,it’s her duty to achieve what she promised.I have been trying to do more housework,but she still shouts that I can’t do it well.I think I have try my best to do all things.

Eleanor - all that cannot help - you have to speak with your mother about the rules in your life together.
Speaking together in a trusting atmosphere is the best way!

well at least you’re practicing some English in your sadness. I’m on your side, I think every teenager should have two cell phones in fact.


Why don’t you have a discussion in Chinese with your mother about this issue and record it for us as content for our members who are studying Chinese. I bet you it would be interesting.

And you can tell your mother that as a parent and grandparent, I am on your mother’s side.

but steve! weren’t you ever a child!

Still am.

In one point is Eleanor right - a promise IS a promise and we parents have to be careful with this!
But in my opinion, Eleanor, the connection with you and your mother isn’t on the best way. This would be the important point to work on.
Perhaps, after a truthful discussion, your mother will give you the mobile phone as start for a new beginning :slight_smile:

Thanks for you all.I had just had a talk calmful with my mom.She told me she met some problems about her work that day.She felt sorry to me.But she is busy these days.She can still not buy me mobile phone.I feel happy that she says sorry to me.But I still feel sad that she hasn’t achieved her promission until now.

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