What should my game plan be to get to the next level?

I think (one of) my problem is that I don’t have a structured plan to learn French. I recently started using Yabla and I like it. I also subscribed to Alice Ayel. I probably average 45 minutes per day. I also listen to Radio Canada Montreal through the Amazon Echo. What is a missing piece to getting to the next level?

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Lingq? More reading and listening.


You’re describing a very poignant problem with today’s language learning environment. There are a ton of halfway solutions that have flooded the marketplace and the solid structured courses are probably having a harder time getting out there. I know I sound like a broken record here, but again, this is another huge advantage of Assimil – a stand alone course that can take you from zero to upper intermediate in a very structured manner. Absent of that, most people end up bouncing around these halfway solutions until they make it up to upper intermediate, which will happen eventually, even with less than perfect methods.

LingQ is a great tool which you can use to advance, but in and of itself LingQ is not a method – though you can build your own method by using LingQ. For example, my method has been reading a lot of books with the LingQ interface which is a very effective way to go.


Set smart goals.
“I want to be able to consistently understand 40% of the words in alice ayel beginner videos by the end of the month”
“I want to have learned 1,000 new words by the end of the month”
“I want to learn 30 words each day”
“I want to complete 30 lingQ mini stories this month”
etc… S.M.A.R.T. goals.

Also: the learning process is the reward.


I notice I make enormous leaps forward when I set a 60 - 90 day target for myself on amounts of words to read. I set my target words to something that is a challenge for me to complete (For me, usually something between two and three hours of reading). I read things that I really want to read.

I have recently set a new target for myself for Japanese, to get out of the rut I was having. I set a target for myself to read at least 4k words each day of a book I really wanted to read. I ended up reading much more than that since I enjoyed what I was reading. It’s only been two weeks in this new challenge and I’m already feeling it (1400 new words and 70 lingqs learned). I know that after 90 days, the difference will be huge and I will be able to look back and see what I accomplished.

In short, set a target of words for yourself to read that is a challenge for you to complete. Read stuff that is not too complex for your level but that also entertains you enough to keep going and possibly even makes you exceed your target. Do that for 90 days. You will get to the next level.


Just beat the hell out of French like Mike Tyson! :wink: This should be your game plan. Pure ruthless mentality, no pardon for opponent.


Is there a specific Assimil French program that you recommend? I look up Assimil French on Amazon and I get a lot of different results.

I would say the e-course, directly from their website. Reason being that you can then also import the text to lingq. Though any of them are great.

It should be the same as the book: Learn French - Assimil
Or at least that was my experience with Italian.

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Thanks! I find it funny that Assimil charges $7.85 for shipping of their e-course. What are they shipping??? :slight_smile:

Yeah, right! Don’t be a pussy, soldier, there is no excusez-mois in a war, you’ve got your order so push forward to your goals and destroy the enemy even if a croissant is the only gun left at your disposal.

With love,
David Goggins.

not entirely sure, but I think they’re sending you the code that you need to get access to their app/program. I didn’t have that when I downloaded it for Italian.
This seems to be without it, but not entirely sure: e-course French - assimil.com

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Amazon is always super confusing with Assimil as it always seems to have four or five versions going back. Really have to look at the sku’s and compare with the assimil site to be sure what the latest is.

BTW with the physical “Super Pack” with book and mp3 recordings, you can get the text of the audio from the mp3 subtitles and import that into LingQ. I’ve done it with German and most of the Spanish (privately).

This one looks to be the latest “physical” version:

I’ve not tried the e-course. I do kind of like have the physical book personally, although it is a bit of a pain to extract the subtitles from the mp3’s and load into lingq with the audio. Not sure if the e-course would necessarily make it any easier.


Just for reference Ericb100, the ebook (for italian at least) was basically just the normal book, with the recordings in it as well- but you have to open it through their program (or IOS/Android app) that you download with the unique code you get.

The application opens and basically you get an ebook, except with specific formatting through the program and more interaction (it’s a got voice recording feature for example where you can record yourself and immediately compare with the orignal recording) and you can play the lines of the main text of each chapter one by one. I think that’s basically it.



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I suppose the same you have to do with everything. Show everyday, do your stuff, put attetion and perseverence. Eventually “GOD” will reward you if you put the necessary :slight_smile:

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Yes. You have to crush the enemy till it stops resisting.

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Thanks everyone for your comments!