What Russian books do you read?

Hello ignaty, what a nice ‘accident’. I am enjoying the books, although for the last few weeks I haven’t done a lot. I am looking forward to no 3 and also to giving you detailed feed-back later in September, I hope.

One thing you might like to comment on here is the choice of font used in the books. It took me some time to get used to the script, but when I showed it to a German/Russian acquaintance she had no difficulty at all, she liked it.

Am I right in thinking that you chose a typically “Russian” font, rather than Cyrillic in, say, Times New Roman or a similar Western font?

Thank you, SanneT, - really looking forward to you feedback be it here in the private message, whichever works best for you.

Regarding your question about the font you are not actually the first person who has asked me about it. About a year ago a school teacher from up north reported they struggled in the class with this font. And I am sorry to hear you have had issues with reading it.

I had certain constraints in terms of fonts offered to me by a publishing platform. Yet, from the limited options I was offered I was choosing the one with fewer confusing pairs of letters. For example my students often find the pair л-п challenging, so I tried to find a font where л is written differently (closer to how Greeks write their lambda, the ancestor of Russian л). Or letter д in the core text of my books is a bit closer to how I teach writing it as it is much easier and quicker to write it as a triangle. And yes, the aesthetics of the font was appealing to me too, but it is quite subjective I must admit.

Thank you for the explanation. Well, having to adjust one’s eyes can only be a good thing: it’ll make us more flexible. I’ll let you have my comments about both the books in due course.