What level should I attribute at this material

I’ve been thinking about importing some of the lessons available at MIT’s Open Course Ware website. But I don’t know what level I should attribute to them. I was thinking about Intermediate 2, but just to be sure If any of you could give a look at the material and tell me what you think should be the level attributed I would be very grateful.

Here is the link for the video (with subtitles) of one of the lectures:

Taking the opportunity, I’d also like to suggest that some of the content of this site I mentioned was added here at lingQ, they provide transcript and a downloadable version of most the video lectures. :slight_smile:

@allisson - It looks like this content is available to be shared as long as you provide proper attribution. Why not share the lectures after you import them? Then others can benefit from your efforts and you can also earn a few points if people use those lessons.

@mark - That’s exactly what I intend to do, but I’ll only add the lessons as I go through them. That’s why I suggested to you guys to import them too. So people can also study the other courses available. Thinking of it now though, I guess if anyone likes one of these courses maybe they could just import it themselves. :slight_smile:

But what about the level of the lessons? Any suggestion?

I would say intermediate2 or advanced1. Depends on the readers familiarity with the subject matter. Either is fine! There isn’t a great distinction between the two levels in my mind.