What language is easiest to teach?

( I will post my comment again, which was corrected by my English tutor. She can decipher what I want to say. )
I suppose Lenka wanted to know who is the easiest to teach from the point of view of English tutors. As jeff_lindgvist described, every language has its peculiarities, so we cannot reach a definite conclusion about the relative difficulties of different languages. I suppose that German people can learn the English language easier than Japanese people, and are the easiest to teach.

I find the Japanese easiest to teach English to because they are incredibly highly motivated and they realise that they can’t make any assumptions about how English works from their knowledge of their own language.

Now, if you’re asking which language is easiest to learn…I don’t suppose a Japanese person would say English!

Сemsal, thank you for the great answer. I do not know. Spanish may be easier to teach people who know English. But personally I like the Italian by listening more than Spanish. I also love French, but it is unlike English in general, and therefore teach it hard for me.
After studying English I would like to learn French or Italian.

Thank you all for your answers. I agree that every language has its own peculiarities. Yet I believe that a person who knows English is easier to learn Italian or Germanic than a person who knows Russian.And I just wanted to know which language is easier to give the British or Americans.

The easiest language to learn is the one that you want to learn. I do not think we can “give” someone a language to learn. The learner has to want to learn it.

Leaving aside the question of the motivation of the learner, the easiest language to learn is usually the one that shares the most vocabulary with your own language, or with another language that you already know. Another factor is the similarity of the writing system.

Thank you Steve for your answer. You helped me. I understood, that it will
easier to teach a language that you like.


I don’t if the easiest language to learn is really the one you ‘want’ to learn. I really want to learn Polish and spend the most time with it, but when I do take a break and study Spanish or French, those languages are much easier, due to what you said in the second post. And Polish seems to always stay about an arms length away…