What language are you guys learning?

Hey guys, i am new to the forum. I want to know which languages are famous in here. I am currently learning Russian language in https://echoee.com/ and want to know some study partners so that i could learn it quickly. I am absolute beginner by the way, i just started the course. I am applying in a Russian University 3 months later for my graduate study. So, i need to learn it as quickly as possible. I hope i will get many help in here. Thank You!

Hello. I’ll be glad to help you practice Russian. I’m trying to improve my English here. We can help each other :slight_smile:

A similar question was asked on this forum some while ago. Here is the link to it.

Subscribe to lingq and use it. It is a great addition to your Russian grammar courses.

Why is your mother tongue listed as English?

I have a question: do you ever feel handicapped by the Cyrillic alphabet? I am finding that the details of the spelling, and cases are really hard to deal with in the Russian alphabet compared to Czech which is way, way easier. I almost have more trouble reading Korean or Japanese kana than Russian because it is completely different where Russian kind of screws with my head a bit.

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Sorry but by the use of his language he is not a native!


Although, I’ve been trying to get fluency in my English. I haven’t done it yet. Even I can undertand almost every article, movie etc. I don’t think i’m completely competent. So, I feel that i shouldn’t begin to learn any other language. What do you think about that ? Is there anyone who thinks similar ? Actually i’m in B2 level in my English and i don’t feel good to begin to learn German before i get my C1 level of English .

I still sometimes read P as P. But no, you get used to it.

I partly chose Ukrainian since I didn’t have to relearn similar words in the latin alphabet (as I would have to do with Czech or Polish). Never tried an Asian language so I really don’t know how it would compare.

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Steve has a video about this. B2 is a tremendous achievement. The only way to get better is by usage and practice at this point. It just takes a long time. However, I see no reason to put off learning german if your heart is set on it.

After English; French, Spanish, and German are the most popular. Russian, Japanese and Chinese are after that but Russian has one of the best libraries on Lingq.

Dutch is basically the least popular language (not surprisingly), only less popular than that is Ukrainian.

Why do you always feel the need to bash my mother language?


I don’t consider myself fluent in English or German however I started learning Spanish. I realized that Spanish helps me to expand my vocabulary. As usablefiber said, if you want to learn it, just start a course here. I think that the LingQ is the cheapest way of learning if you really want to learn German. :slight_smile:

I am a little bit upset because if I could find LingQ 4 years ago, I am pretty sure that I could have improved my English and German more. I think that English and German are “not easy” languages for both of us. The prepositions are always problematic for me in the both languages. The definitive article or other differences make it harder to speak like a native. As you do, I also can understand the BBC Radio, YT videos, the news on TV and can read novel or history book in English but still I know that I make a lot of mistakes in English. I think that the only solution is to go to the UK or the US and immerse myself in the language. My another plan is to start 90 Days Challange in English and immerse myself in the language somehow.

Last day I saw that a famous polyglot is studing with a C1 French book. I asked him why he studies with a book that deisgned for language learners if he is C1 and he replied: “I am studing because I want to be C1, I am B2.” That means, even the famous polyglots are not C1 in every language. So, you should start learning German. :slight_smile:

Wow, props on your Polish!

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I had a bad experience in Amsterdam years ago.

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I had one too but it was with edibles


How long did it take you to get to 15,000 words? Moreover, how long did it take you het from 10/15,000 to 40 or 50,000?? Just curious. You seem to be blazingly fast.

Typically if I spend a good hour or so a day on Russian I will add 125-150 words at this point: that would be about 2 more months to get over 15,000 for me.

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I think 15K was something like 2-3 months. So yeah if you keep up for 2 months and then try the longer interviews the amount of words known will go up incredibly fast because you’ll figure out the roots and guess what words mean.

However, I didn’t start learning Russian here. I spent most of last summer studying it in Latvia and also had done the entire 300 days of “glossika Russian”. I highly recommend doing grammar as well since Russian is very different from what we are used to.

Props on your Russian :wink:

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Thanks for informing me