What kind of music do you like?

I love Canadian music. Strapping Young Lad - Relentless - YouTube
And Swedish music is very beautiful as well. - YouTube

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My favorite kind of music is Metal. In any languages. :smiley:

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lol @ the baby seals stuff
Ignorant people are ignorant

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I agree that Metal is not as popular as it used to be but it is definitively not disappearing and metal music doesn’t necessary have to be extreme, it has to be heavy. Nowadays, it seems that the popular music is the meaningless one: a music that talks about a whole bunch of insipid subjects…

So you’re against any type of hunting? What do you think about killing rats or insects?

Provide me with a link where it says and proves that there are people who kill seals for pleasure. I’m totally against that but do you have any evidence?

It’s my favorite kind of music but it’s defenitively not the only kind of music I listen to. Rock is rock, metal is metal. Heavy metal bands call their music Heavy metal. Black metal bands call their music Black metal and so on… Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest refer to them as Heavy metal bands. These bands were quite extreme for their time but not anymore.

A lot of insects aren’t harmful but nobody gives a sh*t if I kill one of them and they do share the same environment. Your arguments are full of holes. Now it’s time for real evidence :slight_smile:

“Meanwhile, despite protests by many conservation and animal-rights organizations, Canada’s seal hunt continues, with an increased government-set quota of 338,000 baby harp seals (Phoca groenlandica). According to The Canadian Press, about 9,500 seals were killed on Monday, the first day of the season. Harp seals aren’t endangered – in fact, an estimated 6.5 million of them live in Canada – but many believe this hunt will not put the species on good footing for the future.”

And by the way they do NOT suffer. (If that was going to be your next argument.) I’ll save you some time: They hit the heads with the clubs so they either die right away or become unconscious.

What bands? I’m sure there are but no one comes to mind. I don’t deny it but they’re now Rock bands so they call themselves rock bands not meal bands… I don’t know what the hell you want to prove here… And metal music isn’t going away lol you’re being delusional.

Holes as in: your arguments contradict themselves…

No it was actually the first page I found and the article only states the facts. Just copy paste the segment and you’ll see. Yes there are some species of seals endangered but harp seals, which is the seals they hunt in Canada, are not.

Okay the part that I did not understand was: “I’m not careless about the practices done unfairly to creatures which share the same environment with us.” and then you say: “rats or insects or any harmful creature should not be put into the same category”

How does that not contradict itself??? (And I already proved that harp seals aren’t endangered…)


Like I said: ignorant people are ignorant.

And I’m really sorry for having ruined your thread Makacenko :expressionless:
It’s nice to see a fellow metalhead on this website though!

“metal music is dissapering”

“…you will see only few around whose style is close to metal.”

I don’t really like arguing over the internet, but I don’t really think you should make such statements when you probably base them on the fact that metal music isn’t mainstream anymore. Just because majority of music listeners rather listens to so called cash cows’s, doesn’t mean other types of music are disappearing.

Just to give you some sort of an idea, there’s a Metal festival in Finland every year called Tuska Open Air (or something like that) which is sold out for this year. I know it means there’s only about 33,000 people, whereas Glastonbury (which, according to Wiki, is “the largest green field open-air music and performing arts festival in the world”) has a capacity of 177,000. But not bad for a festival that only has music you say is disappearing and is held in a country most people only know because of Nokia.

As for what this thread was originally about, I listen to quite a lot of different types of music, but for the past couple years I think I’ve spent most of my time listening to Muse.

i listen to mostly metal.
cannibal corpse, nokturnal mortum, bethlehem, arkona, job for a cowboy,

other bands that arent very heavy metal: samsas traum, tatu, rammstein, yu-piter

I enjoy listening to rock’n roll music with bands such as my chemical romance , Linkin park… it is so grapping and I like the way it makes you feel !