What Kind of Game for Learning German? (or Other Languages)

I was wondering if you know what kind of game could be useful or interesting for learning German, or eventually other languages. But my focus in on German now.

I’m not talking about flashcards games, or games created for learning a language here, but real and regular games.

Even if I’m not good at gaming at all, I was thinking about normal games, not too hard, but that could be useful for learning German in an indirect way. And played on iPhone, iPad or Mac when I want to relax a bit from the language but engage with it playing a game.

Farmville in German? Warhammer? F1? etc.

Also, the game should have the possibility to choose the German language from within the app, without relying on the device language (my devices are in English). And of course, in this case, the game should be translated in German.

Any idea?