What is your photography educational level

And where did you get that education?

I have always enjoyed photography, and in the past year have started earning money from it by doing real-estate photography. I have no formal education and picked up the knowledge I do know from trial-and-error, youtube, and speaking with people in flicker groups.

While I know enough to get by right now, I’d like more of a solid foundation of the fundamentals, e.g., lighting, composition, and exposure. My local community college and university don’t get into their photography classes in the way I’d like, so I’d hate to take on a bunch of debt for classes that don’t offer what I need. I prefer a hands-on education, so I guess workshops may be the best route. But if there are some reputable online classes, that may be a good place to get started as well.

Also, I’m curious who else here is making a full-time career from photography and what they might have to say about things that helped them along the way to becoming a better photographer, the kind of photographer they envisioned themselves being.

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I got 95% of my photography “training” through You Tube video’s. I learned a lot by just going out and shooting.

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