What is your favorite language to study?

I would have to put Russian at the top of my list. It’s a beautiful language, and I find it very challenging.

Do you have a favorite language to study?

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Mandarin is just so beatiful. With its four tones, each sentence just sound like a different melody.

I tend to enjoy Romance languages more because I learn them much faster. Not that I don’t enjoy the others, it’s just that it takes longer to feel the results.

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I love Japanese!

Romance languages, especially Portuguese.

Could everyone elaborate also precisely why they love whatever language they like? I love Japanese because the culture is amazing, I have long lost relatives over there, it’s not easy, and it is just amazing!

My favorite language Telugu.


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Today, I use Fortran and I am loving it.

Fortran? Today? Loving?
I’ve forgotten about Fortran in the end of the previous century and I am happy I don’t need to use it again.
Maybe any newer version…

The code I am using (the Versatile Advection Code) was written in the mid 90s.