What is your favorite book in target language?

I read a lot of books in my native language. Now I learn English. I can not decide what to read in English. I jump from a book to another book, read couple chapters. I love fantasy, science fiction, fiction. Science fiction books which I tried to read, they do not attract me.
I try to find book recommendations in INTERNET, like reddit, but can not anchor. Maybe it is because my English still weak.
What is your favorite book in target language?


«Мы» Евгения Замятина is my favourite book in Russian.

Regarding English, I can recommend you “Lullabies for little criminals” (Heather O’neill). It’s very easy to read.

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The worst thing ever of our modern days is the lack of focus. We are drowned with information and easy access to literally everything. I am not sure if your English is still weak, might be, but if nothing written in English interests you, then I assure you, nothing will interest you in other languages. Do not get caught up with the recommendations lists, just pick any good book, and you will have fun plus learn lots of things!

As I am still weak in German, I would say, my favourite book is er ist weider da

I love novels, they do not make you feel boring.

I agree with you, that is the lack of focus. Reading for me like hard work and need focus a lot. If a book looks not very interesting I am lose interest to her and do not want enforce read.

I am currently OBSESSED with Tess Gerritsen :). She writes medical-crime novels in English, and her Rizzoli/Isles series is so good :). I would highly recommend that!

goodreads.com is a good place to find reviews and recommendations. I feel your pain, I’m very selective when it comes to books in my native language, and I’ve found that I’m even more picky when it comes to choosing books in my target language. I think the trick is to find a book that is fast paced, exciting, and engaging. This is helpful because of the fact that you most likely read a lot slower in your target language and so if the book is somewhat boring it will feel especially painful as a slow reader. You may want to look into getting a book of short stories in science fiction or fantasy.

I read Conan short stories and I will back to them.