What is the yellow icon with a number beside the "tag+" button on a word's meaning window?

Can you tell me what is this yellow icon with a number beside the tag+ button in the image below? Thank you for the time.

It shows how many coins is a word worth. Most important words in a language are worth 4 coins.

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So what does it mean when there is no such icon on a word at all? How many coins does such a word worth? Coz I have seen no such symbol on most of the words I added to my LingQs.

That means a word is worth 1 coin.

I want to listen to lessons by my audioplayer but don’t know how to copy the lesson I am studying. Could someone explain me how to do that? Many thanks in advance!

You can find the download button in LingQ audio player to get an mp3 file. Then just transfer it to your audio player.

But I saw words labeled with 1 coin by this way too. Is this a bug on LingQ?

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