What is the Pin icon in the Timeline for?


I thought the pin was to perhaps permanently attach a lesson near the top of your timeline, but they just seem to gradually scroll off like the others.
If I scroll down through my list, I can eventually see pins I created some time ago, but they’re just there chronologically like all the others.

@Steve555 - I haven’t noticed any issues like this despite using the pin regularly for conversation reminders. It may be that these items were pinned back when there were some issues with pinning, so if you would like to pin them again just flip the toggle back and forth and they should then work properly. If you notice any further issues with pinned items not staying pinned be sure to let us know.

Thanks Alex. I can confirm that the pins are not working on my account. Tried it with Firefox, Chrome and Safari, and also on a previously unused machine in case any weird caching was going on.
I added new ones, and I also tried what you suggested about toggling existing ones. They have all scrolled off the list today, and bizarrely are labeled as from ‘1 Year Ago’.
Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you track this down.

I wonder if it’s an issue specific to your account then. Can you try opening up another language slot and seeing if you can pin items on the timeline there?

Is anyone else having an issue with pinning items in the timeline?

OK, I’ll try that.

It seems to me I had something very similar. But I’m loo lazy to test it.