What is the oddest thing

What is the oddest thing that your local library has done?
In my case they had a group of women doing line dancing one Saturday when I came to return some books. It was so weird: music and dancing in the library…
Can you top that experience?

It is very funny!

Why they did it? It was action for something?

The library was celebrating 21 years in the ‘new’ building. It was quite odd! For one thing there wasn’t enough floor space, so they all sort of concertina’ed …

One part of the celebration was interesting: the top ten ‘reads’ of that time in 1989 were on display, most of which I had read (and now have forgotten, apart from The Remains of the Day - I still love the book and return to it from time to time.).

Our library installed a coke machine. I thought that was pretty strange. But it can’t top your line dancing experience!!

It could add fizz to things…

I think anything else cannot top “line dancing in the library”…

Good, my library wins the ‘oddest’ award!

No, THIS: UNC Chapel Hill UL Flash Mob Rave - YouTube is the oddest thing in a library! Watch and see!

Although that was not put on by the Library itself, I concede. That’s something else!

A relatively new Carleton tradition, the Silent Dance Party occurs at 11 p.m. on one of the two reading days preceding final exams. Armed with an hour-long playlist of dance music chosen by the party organizer, party-goers gather on the first floor of the library, don their headphones and press Play on their MP3 players at the exact same time. The dance party then moves from the library to a variety of locations around campus.

I have only now watched it. What a great idea a ‘silent’ dance party in a library, people dancing silently together, silently dancing under the stars… [I had to remove the space in silent_dance_party/]

Thank you. Much preferable to loud line dancing.