What is the most studied foreign language in europe

is it english french or german ?

English is the most often studied language just about everywhere, then followed by French and German.

There is no doubt about that in my mind either. Who get’s the second place trophy is matter that can be contended, but English is without a doubt king.

Yes, English. Second could be German, French, or Spanish. Are you talking about studying at school or spare time learning?

There is a also a chart showing the breakdown by source country on page 19.

Some findings from that study, which is about language travel:

  • 97% of all agents promote English language courses, French and German courses follow (both at 62%).
  • 78% of all customers opt for English language courses, 7% for French, 6% for German and 5% for Spanish.
  • While 87% of Asian students choose English, language preferences in Europe are more diverse, with English being the choice of 74% students.
  • Over the 2012-2015 period, the highest growth levels were reported for English (63% of agents reporting growth in demand), German (56%), French (41%) and Spanish (41%).