What is the difference or meaning?

still orange vs fizzy orange
draught beer vs bottled beer
‘on the wagon’
off-licence (vs pub)
neat whisky
‘Dutch courage’ vs ‘to go Dutch’
escalope vs fillet
pub crawl
roast vs grill

‘on the wagon’ = intentionally not drinking alcohol
plonk = low quality wine

neat whisky = whisky without anything added
‘Dutch courage’ vs ‘to go Dutch’= courage from being drunk vs to split a bill

pub crawl = to visit 3 or more pubs in one night of drinking
roast vs grill = in an oven vs on top of an oven; usually on a grill (look it up on google images)

  • dooo

I agree with dooo’s list.
Less sure about this, but I think that “draught” means served from the barrel, although some bottled beers have been called draught to imply that they taste as if they came directly from the barrel.
Though I’ve never heard these two, “fizzy orange” must mean a carbonated orange drink, while “still orange” must mean with no carbonation.