What is the difference between undergraduate and graduate?

We have not got a problem. We do not need guidelines. We are free to say what we want. We have no moderator, but if someone gets really out of line we will deal with it.

Once I tried to use yahoo answer to put my question, but that was very slow and sometimes I can not get the answer.Google is more fast, but you will get the answer that someone I have put . I do not only want to get the answer I want, I also want to use english while I am searching information. Cause I believe this is a good for my expression and information catching.

I know most of us in Lingq are english native english speakers, like steve, you know, sometimes when you are busy, you really want the answer ASAP. I am just an english speaker, english is not my mother tongue, although I tried, but I still need so many things to learn. So, I hope you can forgive me if I make some mistake or some other matters, I believe lingq is a good place for all of us to learn another language skill.

And for several days learning, or I should say, communication in lingq(actually I do not have so much time on my learning course,but i will try), I suggest we should not only talk something about how to learning a language, but also something different like questions, your country’s culture,food, good places etc. You know, you may learn so quickly if something interested you. If so , i think that lingq will be a good platform for us to find a diiferent life, different language culture.

Yutaka, what good do you think this rules could bring?


I sometimes post “Errata.” I wonder if it is an eyesore to the members here.

This forum is not “Acrobat User Community Forums,” and many of the guidelines are irrelevant to the LingQ forums, although some of them, such as “Use Meaningful ‘Subject’ Lines,” are not meaningless; I don’t think writing just “Help me!” is not good as a thread title.

“is not good” should read “is good.”

‘I sometimes post “Errata.” I wonder if it is an eyesore to the members here.’

I don’t think it is an “eyesore”. That is quite a strong term.

As I said before, “Errata” posts that fix purely mechanical errors are not very interesting to me if the meaning is clear already. My reasoning is: in internet fora, your audience is more interested in what you have to say rather than how you said it. You have started some interesting discussions. If you spot your own mechanical errors, that is great. But is it pertinent to the audience or the topic? Not in my opinion.