What is simplified AI?

I noticed this function recently and tested it out. It seems to create a copy of the original lesson, but it comes out as English instead of Japanese. I’m assuming its bugged or something but I’m curious; how is it supposed to work?

It is supposed to create a simpler (shorter, with easy vocabulary) version of the lesson. There is currently a bug where it can produce output in English instead of another language, but we will have that fixed soon.


I have noticed also with this function that with some lessons it is included as an option in the drop down menu and with other lessons it is not there at all. Is there some reason for this?

In addition, I came across this function by surprise and was not aware of it until today. It is potentially an extremely useful tool. I may have missed something but wonder if when such functions are provided that LingQ members be made aware of it, perhaps via the Open Forum(?)


We have just rolled out this new feature, so we haven’t spoken too much about it. But once it is working perfectly, we will be happy to advertise it :slight_smile:

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I had the same issue (English output) in one of the lessons I tried it on, although others worked well.

Possibly something to be refined in the prompt/code to ensure target language output?

@fabbol That’s exactly it, we are refining the prompt to make sure this doesn’t happen.

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Sounds like a cool idea.

I tried it on a Japanese lesson, and thought it worked great. I could breeze through it, like I was reading in my own native language!

OK, so it didn’t do much for my lingq count, but still…

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