What is OK?

There are three symbols on top of the page. What does the brown symbol in the middle mean? I can see the word “OK” next to it. What does this mean? In what respect is it OK?

What does the number 0 next to the red apple mean?

Mine is silver, and it had the number 1 next to it yesterday, but today it downgraded to 0 again ^^

The number next to the apple indicates how many days you’ve hit your targets.

My red apple turned to a silver tortoise. The number next to it is still 0.

I think the K stands for kilo = thousand . e.g. 1,43 K = 1430 coins. This seems to be an indication of your activity the last 30 days. Click on the coin!

So you think your silver/white apple looks like a tortoise now? Or are you just joking?

I think it looks more like a rabbit head…