What is Moses McCormick's method of learning languages?

While we are mourning for Moses’s death, I would like to quickly go over his method. While I don’t agree with his method, I do find his enthusiasm and motivation to be encouraging.

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I think Moses was more about the message than the method. Have fun and keep an open mind.


I agree. I was talking about his method, but I didn’t discount his attitude or message. In In future post(s), I am considering to talk about motivation and attitude in language learning.

As much as I enjoy watching his videos and admire his style, he basically just practices certain standard conversations. If you approach enough strangers, at some point you will know what kind of conversations you will run into. Write them down and then study those in 50 languages. I am sure he would not be able any serious debate or in-depth conversations about random topics in most of the languages he “spoke”. Moses should be an inspiration to the “serious” Youtube teachers out there, who still do not understand that Youtube is mainly for entertainment. Moses had over 1 million subscribers, most “serious” language teachers do not even reach 100000. Luca Lampariello “only” got 160000.


Even with a limited ability in many (most? -I’m not qualified to judge), he still had the ability to genuinely connect with people in their native language. Given the number of languages he could do this in, I doubt there is anyone else on Earth more capable of this than he was, including the polyglots I’ve heard of that could hold more meaningful conversations in 30+ languages.


Wolter has a similar approach (Dutch polyglot speaks 18 languages with tourists - YouTube) but I agree with you.