What is LingQ? <-- This is for "Title."

The box under the word “Text” begins here. I cannot see any buttons except for “Post” in this page. I will click the “post” button under this box.

Now I can see three buttons under the title. I will click the “Tweet” button without clicking the “Post” button.

You can see what has happened on the following Twitter site:

I have been wondering what the rose under the avatar means. If I click the rose button under my avatar, do you think I am a narcissist?

This seems to be a live demonstration of “Procrastination on the go”… A narcissist, you? Never. (It’s nice to see you back here).

Life can be so boring … But now we have the Internet, and time just flies.

As I am no tutor, you couldn’t possibly be referring to me :)) I have done it occasionally and many tutors do it in order to bring their lessons to our notice. I have stopped doing it because it feels silly, narcissistic even…

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I agree it is a bit ridiculous that if you (as a content creator) decide to share your lessons in Lingq, that is equivalent to send yourself a rose. I think these should be two different features, and one should not be able to send oneself a rose (I mean the system shouldn’t allow it)

I’m afraid I’m one of the tutors that does that but as things are there’s no way to avoid it if you want to share your lessons … if there is, please let me know.


I don’t see any problems with sharing your own lessons. In fact, we recommend it. It’s a great way to publicize your lessons. If, as a side effect, you also get a rose, you deserve it for creating a lesson! Don’t be bashful about it at all.