What is Following Somebody?

I am pretty new to using LingQ, and noticed that a few people have “followed” me.

I am very happy for them to do so, but need to ask: what does it actually mean to follow somebody?

Maybe I am missing out on something and should be following various users on here, so am curious to discover what it even means.

Thanks a lot

When you find a lesson you like, you can suggest it to those who follow you, for example. That’s pretty much all I know. Maybe this will help:

I’m following you! I have no idea what it means either. It’s something to do with the “friends” page.

Hello Skyblueteapot,

Yes - I received an email saying that you are following me

Several people are following me now. I am surprised by the interest.

Feel free to keep following me, but I cannot imagine that there is much of interest to other people to be honest, since I am importing and using private lessons.

Unfortunately, I can’t share the lessons due to copyright issues. For example, Narnia books, Harry Potter books, and news summaries from Scola - all of which are still copyrighted materials.

I think maybe it’s because you’re leading the Activity rankings. I looked at your profile myself to figure out how it was so high. From what you said I guess it was a sudden import and knowing/learning of thousands of lingqs in a short time. (…plus a whole heap of genius of course! :slight_smile: )

That’s right! I imported 22,000 words that I had built up in a competing system. Unfortunately, there was no way to import them with a status of “known”, so I went through them manually on LingQ - one by one - marking various levels of known-ness. As you can imagine, it took many hours per day for a few days. So, this burst of activity boosted my ratings considerably. Nowadays, I am back to a more sedate schedule of an hour or two a day on LingQ, aiming for about 100 known words a day (which seems like a sustainable pace). As a result, my rating will likely fall off the bottom of the chart in the next couple of weeks.

I like your YouTube videos, so I am following you!
Thank you for all your language learning videos!

@AnthonyLauder… Ah, I’ve been doing something similar after moving here also, but with no export function on my old system, have been typing them in to a spreadsheet manually and moving a hundred or so at a time.

Just looked at your blog… love the idea of the connector phrases! Some really good ones there, and inspiration to to a few of my own tomorrow. Thanks!

Anthony, you need to get used to fame. Your youtube fans quickly realized you were in here, so they’re following you. :wink:

I’m a subscriber to your YT channel, btw.

I am not following you because I was shocked by your sudden sporting of a beard.

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It is very flattering that any of you even know who I am. Thank you for being viewers of my youtube videos - I promise to make some more soon.

There are a number of reasons to “Follow” someone on LingQ.

  • If you are interested in seeing what they are up to or in following their wall posts and shared lessons etc…, you can follow them and then filter your friends activity list to only show you activities of members you are following. You may be interested in following friends or in following some members who are very active in your study language.
  • When filtering the friends page by those you are following you also have the ability to see how you are doing compared to your friends in the activity and LingQs rankings.
  • You can share lessons with all those you are following or with specific members you are following.
  • You can invite members you are following to join you in group conversations you have signed up for.
  • Essentially it allows you to create an inner circle of LingQ members to have a higher level of interaction with.
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thanks for this valuable explanation. I have been wondering myself what following somebody actually means.
Is there any FAQ on that or a place where one can get this information once this thread get lost in the abyss of time?

@Axel_V - Good suggestion. We’ve added my response to the help now!

Anthony Lauder is wellknown on You Tube for his channel “Fluent Czech” and on the HTLAL language forum under his nickname “Splog” with lots of valuable posts. So you are not an unknown person for me.


I can only strongly recommend Anthony Lauder’s YouTube channel: Anthony Lauder - YouTube

Great advice for every language learner! Thank you, Anthony!