What is considered portugnol?

I have just come back from Brazil where I had the opportunity to use portugnol for a TV programme on energy issues.
The interviewer said I did not have to worry about the fact that I do not speak much Portuguese because all I had to do was use portugnol. I have heard about it and I just presume it means using the Portuguese words and phonology you know and mix it in with Spanish (no diphthongs, ll ->ch, pl->pr, cion ->cao). Is that it? If you speak slowly and use that methodology, will Brazilians honestly be able to understand what I said? Cringing watching it.

Portunhol is basically Portuguese with a few Spanish words sprinkled here and there. :slight_smile: Although it usually involves plentiful use of false cognates and just plain wrong verb conjugation. You can just speak Spanish to Brazilians and you’ll be fine, they’ll understand enough, I believe. I have personally never studied Spanish, and I have no problem understanding it, although other Portuguese speakers will probably be different.

When I was in SP, my team had 2 colleagues coming from Argentina. They both had to use Portuguese to communicate with the Brazilians. One guy had worked in Portugal for a year, so his Portuguese was ok. The other guy’s Portuguese was terrible. I could tell because my Brazilians colleagues laughed at him all the time. Sometimes they just couldn’t understand him. He would utter a word, the other guys had to guess what he was trying to say, and it often took them a few times to guess it right. I think my Argentinian colleague was speaking real Portugnol.

foreign people that speak spanish and go to Brazil, ever They use portugnol in first period. Portugnol is portuguese with a few spanish or spanish with a few portuguese, like said Elric.