What in the world is going on with the Open Exchange corrections?

There was an open request correction posted by Yuko_566, so I was the first to respond on the thread saying I would correct this. Before I could even post my correction, someone posted a correction right out under me. Therefore I guess I didn’t get the points for the work I did. When I posted it my point total didn’t change. This is crazy! There has got to be a better way to do this. Is there any decorum for respecting when someone says they are doing the correction?

How are we to know when someone else if already doing the correction? It is a waste of time to work on something when several other people are dong the same thing. That’s my point.

This was pointed out by several others tutors as well.

@Jillisa93 - Points are not automatically awarded on the Exchange; instead, the learner can select which of the corrections they like best and award points accordingly. If they like a single correction then they can send all the points to that member, but if they liked multiple then they can split the points between multiple users. I hope this helps to better explain how the new system works.

We’re all still getting used to the new Exchange but, in fact, it has worked here as we hoped it would. Open requests are open to all and certainly not awarded to the first person who arrives. Multiple people are welcome to respond and the person who posted the request can award points as they see fit. In this case, Yoko receives much great input and much better input than she initially received from the first response. Correctors have varying degrees of ability and see different things so to have input from many is valuable. The poster can award all points at any time to close the request but in the meantime, people are free to post their comments and responses.

Personal requests on the other hand are awarded to specific tutors and all points are automatically awarded upon completion of the request. Correctors will have to make their own decision on which types of requests they want to respond to. I think we will see that often multiple people are happy to respond to requests.

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Thanks for the clarification. I finally understand this whole thing. :slight_smile:

It looks like something went wrong with the alert realted to Yoko’s request:

  1. the e-mail I got read “Yoko_566 just submitted a exchange request” in the subject line but “%mikebonds has submitted a exchange request that is open for all members” in the message body;
  2. clicking on the link to Yoko’s post resulted in an error message, as the page could not be found (I found it on the Exchange page, manually);
  3. my podcast partner sabina63 told me she also received an alert about this submission, even if she is not supposed to be alerted about requests in English, based on her settings.
    On another side, it would be good if alert messages could also include the language of the request, e.g. “has submitted an Exchange request in English”, although this is a minor issue.
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Now that you mention it, I checked my mail again and I also have that in the message body : %mfrs has submitted a exchange request that is open for all members

@mikebond, mfr - Yes, we saw this and will look at getting these issues fixed soon.

Why would anyone be bothered to correct public requests if one is not sure how many points will she/he be awarded or if they’ll even end up not receiving any points at all?. I just wondered.

I really see public requests as volunteering work.

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@berta - Some people are happy to contribute and help each other. Others would like varying levels of reward for their efforts. Everyone is different. Probably, a larger reward ensures more interest but not always. It’s an open exchange where people can decide their own participation level.

It seems to me that there’s a lot of confusion and less than optimal use of the Open Exchange option in the post I’ve seen by Yuko_566. Is this because this is a new feature which is in a sort of pilot stage?

There seems to be no obvious instructions available either for correctors, or requestors. Would it be possible to add a Help link or Icon to the exchange forum so people who don’t know what’s happening could at least get some direction?

Most obvious examples of sup-par use: Correctors not using the comment section of the input, readers not being aware that there are notes,

I couldn’t help but wonder if that was homework or entrance essay help. That dissuaded me. But maybe it was just an experimental essay by the person. How should I know? :slight_smile: Be happy.

@creimann - I think not. Check out the writer’s profile.

@mark that’s for sure mark ;). Helping people for free is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

The thing is that if you look at the exchange page it can be misleading and people may get angry and discouraged to make future corrections if they’re expecting to receive all the offered points to themselves or if they end up receiving none at all. Maybe a disclaimer note at the top could help people realise all this.

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@jfeka - If you click on the Help button in the top right while on the Exchange page, you will see FAQ’s related to using the page. Community Help. We will add an FAQ about how to view notes for mistakes.

@ mark - it is my impression that the Help button up in the top right is too far removed from where the user has his attention focused to make it easy to overlook. A suggestion: Where you have the greyed out text in the box that says “Share something…” add a little note directing first time users to the help. Also, there is space below the users icon/photo where a specific help button might be better placed to make it more obviously relevant to what the user is wondering about.

On the forum page where the request is shown the person who is responding to the request also might need some help … possibly a help button located beside the button which one clicks to respond would be helpful. It is quite clear from the variety of responses which occurred in the request by Yuko_566 that some of the people who responded didn’t use the features which are available. I discovered some of them by just stumbling along… others didn’t get even that far.

@jfeka - Thanks, we’ll see what we can do about making the help more obvious.