What if I already have the translation?

When adding a lesson, is there a way to add the english translation (since I already have it for some of the lessons I want to add, and they are more accurate than any of the dictionaries can give me) right in the lesson. In other words is there a way to add text to a lesson that you wouldn’t want to be used as “new word”,“known word”, lingq etc. Is there some character I can type, such as * or [] ,ex * this would not be included * or [this would not be included]? Does this exist now?
I would still want to lingq the unknown target language words but it would be nice to have a more accurate translation right in the lesson for reference.

@rjtrudel - There is no way of embedding the translation on the lesson page but what we recommend is to add it to the “Comments/Notes” section after you have opened the lesson. That way it will be available at the bottom of the lesson page with one click. You could even right click the Note link and open it in another tab so you can toggle back and forth between the original and the translation. Also, if you share the lesson, the translation will then be there for other users. Make sure to call the Note “English translation of lesson” or something suitable so that it is obvious to all what is there.


I just tried that and it posted it to the forum. The problem is that some of the lessons that I have, I can’t share because they are recorded dialogs from mexican telenovela’s (with the closed captioning ripped from the recordings). They are most likely copyrighted, so I uploaded them for my personal use. I just did what you said and it posts to the ‘ask the tutor’ forum. Is there another way to do this?

@rjtrudel - I hadn’t thought of that but, unfortunately, there is no other way. It’s probably not a big deal if the odd bit of copyrighted text is posted on the Ask a Tutor forum.


Perhaps you can import the translated text into another lesson, either in the same library or in the library of a different language. In the original lesson, you add a link to this translated text so that you can open the translated text in a different window whenever you study the lesson.