What happens to my imported text?

I want to start importing some of my work related text material. Then I can use the LingQ tools to learn some specific vocab I need to learn. I’ve tried importing some text and it really helps. But I’d like to know what happens to the text. Does it stay private to me? And when I make LingQ’s from imported text do these become generally accessible? Perhaps this is explained somewhere and if so can someone point me in the right direction.Thanks for help.

Hi Martin,

Any imported content is private by default. The hints that you enter for LingQs will appear for certain words if they are one of the 3 most popular hints for that word, but your example sentences, etc. will all be kept private.

Ok that;s good thanks. And I’ve got text in dual language English/ Russian. Can I import that or do I need to strip out the English - I suppose it would come up as new words?

It’s completely up to you what you import, and some people even use language slots for unsupported languages (i.e. Swedish → Arabic, etc.), but if you import text in multiple languages just be aware that clicking the “LingQ’d” button will add the words from all languages to your Known Words total.

Yes, it would give a big boost to my known words! Need to stick to Russian only I think or I;ll lose track. Appreciate your quick reply, thanks.