What happens if I repair my streak?

Hi there.
What happens if I repair my streak - will it mean that I am scaled back in my Beginner 2 level…?


I am sorry to hijack this thread, but I am no longer able to post any new topics, and I am wondering why. Hopefully somebody can help me.

And to answer the question: No, of course your level will not be scaled back. This is dependent on the level of known words and not your streak.

Your streak isnt really important.

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Thank you ramonek for the answer. Good to know :slight_smile: Have wondered about it. Agree, steaks are not so important.

Unless you are vegetarian, steaks are relevant I guess…

Sorry I had to… :rofl:

But yeah, you should value more read and know words.

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In my experience, you can’t really repair a steak.


You can, but what for? You are basically just cheating yourself. The number in the app will be adjusted, but doesn’t reflect reality, so who cares?

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Yeah. I have never repaired a strike, but I get these notices that ask if I want to. But have always stopped short, because well, isn’t this a kind of cheating. I lost the streak - and that is fine. It is a very small thing :slight_smile:

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