What happened when I bring back an item from archieve for review

When I bring back an item and I read and listen to again for repeating and review, it is not notated in my statistic.
What can I do that it is?

Do you adjust the number (of times you have read/listened) with the blue arrows? If you do, the words/minutes should change accordingly.

yes, I have the blue arrows, but when I bring back an item I have never the button for “update”.
Therefore I think it cannot be notated.

Irene, the Update button can only be clicked once and is not related to the blue arrows beside Read and Listen. The Update button calculates your Known Words statistics after you have completed saving words. Once you have clicked it, it changes to the I’m all done button. To adjust your reading or listening, you just have to click the blue arrows. You will see the numbers change as you click the arrows.

Thanks Mark,
now I see, it works correct.

Here is what happens. I take an assignment and just read it. After that I close it. And when I open the assignment again the update statistics button is not reacting to my clicks. Any suggestions?

What browser are you using?