What happened to the avatar coins?

Suddenly I have a huge number of avatar coins. At the same time the prices for avatar items have increased a lot. Please can you explain this?

Hi Vera,
That’s right, we have changed things a bit related to how and how much avatar coins you earn.
From now on, you will earn coins when moving words to know, when you create LingQs, change status of the word etc… How much coins you will earn for each words depends on how much frequency stars that word have. You can test it in Beta view, to check how it works.

Beta view…? That sounds intriguing. Can normal lingqers see this, or just moderators/admins?

Hi Simon,
Did you saw this thread: https://www.lingq.com/forum/3/38342/
Only specific users can test it at this moment. I can’t reveal anything for now, but LingQ 4.0 is coming!

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Ah so mysterious! But also exciting! Keep up the good work.

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