What features would we like to see in LingQ

We have a long list of improvements planned for LingQ which Mark and our programmers are implementing. They have a lot on their plate. Mark will probably not appreciate me doing this but I am interested to know what other people want to see in LingQ.

One of mine is the ability to manually adjust the importance **** of a saved LingQ.

Reorganise the browsing in the Store, and I don’t really need the pictures as they are usually the same for various content.

I have also thought to Paypal, as you used it before the payment system was ready with the different memberships levels. The actual system might be better for the monthly rate but if paypal could be used for buying additioning points whatever the level of membership, it would be fine.
Another thing that I prefered on TheLinguist is the size of the window where we could see our writing submission and its correction at the writing section. Now, it’s smaller and another size let us have a better overview on it.
Beside that, nothing more to add.

If you want to have here our wants I will give my importants:
the LingQ-word-box additional to Flashcards and above all additional to the Lingq widget on WorkDesk.
Furthermore the “Tags” (after creating) to click and never to write.

I think it would be great if the forum threads were sorted by date of the latest post instead of creation. If I reply to a thread on, say, page 2, the post itself is “hot linked” on the first page until somebody posts in another thread, and then my reply is only to be found on page 2 (or deeper, as the debates go on).

We will be adding that functionality in the future, Jeff, Eugenio and Irene.

Marianne and Tony,
I’m not sure I understand the PayPal issue. Why do you prefer to buy points with PayPal? Using our own payment system we can automatically add the points you buy to your account. Using PayPal adding points was a manual process for which you had to wait. We can integrate with PayPal also but this will require some effort and we have to be sure that it is worth it.

That’s fair enough, Tony, although I can assure you that our payment system is very secure. Your credit card information is far more secure on our system than it is when you use it in a restaurant, for instance.

At any rate, what we can look at doing in the short term is adding some PayPal buttons back to the Points page which will let you buy points, which will be added to accounts manually.

Hi Mark,
If a choice should be made between both systems, I would prefer your automatic system.
My reasons was not related to security, but I don’t think they are worth to require more effort :slight_smile:

I would like to see support to Opera (internet browser).

We would like to support both Opera and Safari and we aren’t far off but we just have so many other things to do first. Just be patient and use Firefox or IE in the meantime.

I’d like to be able to study my flashcards using the “hints” on the top of it instead of the word itself. I believe it should be optional to use one or another.

That is in our plans Ana-Paula. Other people have asked for it too!

Maybe you don’t want to hear this but, some times the system became slow reacting. I wonder what is this affect by? I want to upgrade my membership. But it seems like the more I study, the more likely the system gets slow…I concern to upgrade my membership…


There are a number of factors that influence the speed of the system, from what I can tell. These include the following.

The total number of words that you have saved.
The length of the individual content item that you are studying.
Where you are in the system.

We will eventually make changes that we think will speed everything up. However, these are major changes and we just cannot get to them right now.

Meanwhile, Yuka, could you please tell me which parts of the system you find slow, which activities? This can help our programmers, and I may also have some advice for you.

I use the system all the time and have found ways to work around the slowness of same actions.

Thank you Steve,
I imported many long contents and I saved many words and phrases at once. When I first logged in LingQ yesterday, it takes long time to loading each tabs, especially WorkDesk and Vocabulary. But once I loaded Vocabulary section, I could use Flashcard as usual. After worked out, the WorkDesk worked smooth up again. I saved words again, the system slowed down again too. I had the same kind of situation before.

I have been importing many contents in Russian. I have found that it is best to break the content up into shorter segments. You may want to experiment. I find that the ideal length is about 2-3 times the length of the text that appears on my screen, no longer.

I also save a lot of words. Changing tabs can be slow. I tend to Review the list of saved LingQs while waiting for the Update button. I also print out the text and the saved LingQ list and have them handy while waiting. These printed pages go into a 3 ring binder that I keep handy and which I use for review.

I apologize for the slowness. It is a fair amount of work to speed the site up. We are working on Help, translation and other things that we simply have to do now. We will get at the speed of the site in the new year. I hope you and others will have the patience to live with the present speed of the site.

I am interested to hear reactions from others. I thank you , Yuka, for bringing this up. We are always interested in our users reactions. Mark may have some additional comments.

I should add that since I shortened the length of my imported content items, I do not have a problem with the speed of saving LingQs. Opening the WorkDesk can be slow at times, but I only do that once every 20-30 minutes or so.

I normally use to have 4 or 5 tabs opened in different lingq pages, so I can gain some speed when switching between them.
I think the slowest functionality is the lingq widget, mainly on vocabulary section, and I guess it is because one have to wait the entire page to reload. The same with the “item” page.
Giving a more technical opinion, I think this simply doesn’t make sense, since you’re using web 2.0 technology, which intends to avoid this “entire reloading thing”.
I can see that the idea behind it is keeping the vocabulary list up to date with the new lingq created, but is it strictly needed? Couldn’t we choose when to reload the list, by some kind of “refresh” button? Or even better, couldn’t the lingq widget be released for editing before the page is entirely reloaded?
The workdesk loading is also slow, but I believe the lingq widget delay is much more irksome than workdesk delay.
Anyway, I’m aware how seemingly simple modifications in software can require an unbelievable amount of work, so I’m just commenting on this in the hope my comments are useful in future.